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Doodleweb Design offers fully customizable solutions to the problems faced by organisations in setting up and maintaining their websites.

There is also a wealth of information and advice here to help you if you are just looking for ideas.

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We don't have a website
Our website hasn't been changed since 1066
There's nobody to do  it
We don't have a website.

We've been thinking about setting up a website for ages, but just don't know where to start? How much work is involved?

There are two main parts to a website: site design and content management.

doodleweb design can organise both of these things for you. Whilst you will obviously need to think about both the initial and ongoing content, the hosting and updating of your site will all be taken care of.

There is, however, no avoiding the thought you will need to put in to the initial site concept.

This sounds more onerous than it actually is. Much of the work is probably already done - just think of all the publicity material and annual reports that you've got lying around!

Why not dig some out and see what you can put together?


Our website hasn't changed since 1066.

Our website was set up by a volunteer nearly two years ago. The volunteer did a good job, but we really need to change a lot of things now.

There are two options here: design from scratch or see how your existing website might be tweaked and given a makeover.

Colours and graphics are very easy to change on a website, and with just a splash of imagination you might not have to start from the very beginning.


There's nobody to do it.

A volunteer set up our website for us but has since moved on. Nobody else in the organisation knows how to do it.


This is a common story in the sector. It can seem like a good idea to accept an offer of free help,but if you have no contingency plans, then the know-how will disappear with the volunteer.

If you are basically happy with the design of the site, but just need to learn how to update it, then there is software for you to do just this. Macromedia Contribute: an excellent WYSIWYG content management package, should you wish to undertake maintaining the content of the website yourself. At around a hundred quid, it is easy to use and excellent value for money.

Freebies: the open-source browser Mozilla comes with a fairly decent webpage editor called Composer.


There is an initial one-off design fee for all sites, and then a small monthly hosting and content management fee.

All websites have a basic content management system and email (including webmail).

Prices can start from as little as £1000 for the design and first six month's hosting.


Important note on domain name registration:

Prices quoted above do not include registration of a domain name. If you wish to register your own domain name, there is a small annual fee to do this.

For those groups who are happy to have the default doodleweb sub domain (e.g., prices quoted are inclusive.

Please note that prices are an approximate guide only and will be finalized on an individual contract basis.