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a browser is a software package that allows you to see web pages and browse the internet; for most people the default browser on their computers is Internet Explorer, but there are several excellent (and free) alternatives such as Firefox (click on the link to Firefox on the left)


not everybody is gifted with goodcolour sense; indeed, it is an accessibility issue for people with any kind of colour blindness

there are many resources to help you on the web

see: resources

content management

the updating of content on a website


CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are the design part of a website

they are innovative, accessible, robust and the way web design is going

doodleweb design uses style sheets on all its websites

domain name

a custom name or brand of a website address that has to be registered


email alias

the bit of an email address that comes before the @


GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is a type of image file

it is best used for non-photographic images

see: JPEG


all the non-text content of a website, including banners, buttons and logos if image-based


the default 'beginning' page of a website


websites need webspace which is 'hosted' on the internet for you


JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)is a type of image file especially suited to photographic content

POP 3 email account

an email POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) account allows you to receive email into a dedicated POP3 email box (such as Outlook Express)

open source software

software (mostly free) created for developers passionate about improving the web

see: resources


pdf or Portable File Documents are usually provided by

Adobe Acrobat Reader

they are a  file format that makes reading, printing or uploading a lengthy document more palatable

surfers need to get hold of Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to read the file

search engines

trawl the web all over the world building searchable lists eg Google

sub domain

a domain that goes in front of the main domain name of a website



the ability to access your emails from anywhere online (not just through your own computer)

WYSIWYG editors

What You See Is What You Get editors do not require any knowledge of coding to write web pages; if you have ever used Microsoft Word to create a web page then you have used such an editor

whilst not perfect, there are some quite good ones

see: resources


(extensible) hypertext markup language is the code behind the web, currently in a state of flux as newer and tighter technologies and code are developed