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Can we have a domain name for our website?

Yes, you can chose whatever you want for a small annual fee, providing that the name is available.


How long will it take to see our website 'go live'?

Doodleweb Design aims to have a turnaround time of not more than two weeks for new websites; existing websites that simply need to be modified will take less.


Can we transfer our existing website to you?

Yes, although if you have a contract with another design/hosting company then you will need to check the small print. In general, however, it should be possible to transfer any existing website and domain name to doodleweb design.


How will I know how many people have visited my site?

Doodleweb Design uses the comprehensive web statistics package 'Webalizer' to annalyse the traffic on your website.

The figures will tell you how many visitors your website has had, besides other information, such as what key search words people have used to arrive at your site.

Reports are emailed monthly to each webmaster.


What is the difference between a domain and a subdomain?


A domain name is a custom name or brand of a website address that has to be registered e.g. A subdomain puts a phrase in front of the main domain name of a website e.g.


Can we have as many emails as we like?

All Doodleweb sites may have as many emails as they wish. All accounts come with both POP3 and webmail.


Do we have webmail?

Yes, all accounts have webmail as standard. This means that you can log in to send and recive emails from any computer with a web browser.


How soon will my website appear in Google?

There is absolutely no fixed time limit for this. Doodleweb's philosophy of web coding stardards as well as our emphasis on accessibility means that all sites designed by us are clean and easy for webspiders to read. However, Doodleweb Design has no control over the indexing of sites in a search engine such as Google. If the site is of good quality and has something unique to say, Google will find and place it.