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web design with standards

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Our Philosophy

Doodleweb Design places great emphasis on producing original websites that are robust,  accessible and easy to maintain.

To this end, CSS is used for both layout and presentation, with all coding behind the site W3C standards-compliant.

This means that websites created by Doodleweb Design have their sights set on the future!


small business

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A First Step

With so many different options to choose from, just how do you decide upon the best website strategy for your business? How will you maintain your website and keep it fresh? How much time is involved?

An effective website presence demands time, high standards and imagination.

Doodleweb Design is your first step on the road to world wide web success.

not for profit

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Excellence for everyone

The Doodleweb team have been involved in various charities and small community organisations over the years, and are only too aware of the problems that these groups can face.

Lack of time is perhaps the biggest obstacle that organisations will find themselves facing. Resources are already stretched. Money could be better spent on other things. And how will you maintain the website and keep content fresh?

Doodleweb Design offers generous discounts to not for profit organisations. We believe that the sector is both unique, and uniquely placed, to set the standards for web design for many years to come.